Hainer international logistics, Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta and other major cities synchronous delivery, every day. High visibility, good price, good service, adhere to the zhengqing, must buy insurance, security and security of goods, damage compensation, myanmar door-to-door, land transport shuangqing full service, do not let customers worry about. You really need myanmar freight experts. Welcome to consult.

Hainer international freight forwarding co. LTD

Specialty: the company's employees have professional logistics knowledge and years of field operation experience, is a proven reliable team. Equipped with professional logistics personnel, professional warehouse management personnel, customs declaration personnel and other professional team.

Our company can provide one-stop service for customers, the specific business scope is:

1. Kunming - ruili - yangon, myanmar land transport shuangqing to gate line

2, guangzhou - ruili - myanmar yangon land transport shuangqing to the door line

3, dongguan - ruili - myanmar yangon land transport shuangqing to the door line

4, shenzhen - ruili - myanmar yangon land transport shuangqing to the door line

5, jiangsu - ruili - myanmar yangon land transport shuangqing to the door line

6, Shanghai - ruili - yangon, myanmar, land transport shuangqing to the gate line

7. Land transport shuangqing to the gate line of every major city in China and Burma (such as laxu, jiao mei, mei mei, sagaing, mandalay, mitila, jiao bo dong, Yang mi ding, naypyidaw, dong xu, bo gu, yangon, bo sheng, MAO Dan mian, etc.).

8, engineering logistics, project materials, large equipment, machinery, mining equipment transport, especially experienced, welcome to inquire

9. Export customs clearance service of various land transport ports in yunnan

10, agent procurement business to provide customers with super convenient and affordable services. From the Chinese door to the door of the foreign address, price concessions, at the same time can help to move - customers arrange door-to-door packaging, whole car consignment to the dock, all line package service, really let the customer worry, rest assured, at ease! Customs clearance for both countries is included! Pick up the phone in your hand and give us a chance to serve you. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company was registered in China in 2009 and obtained the national first-class freight forwarder license, which officially entered the mainland market. We have our own perfect agent network all over the world. We focus on international cargo transportation and logistics services, including ocean transportation, air transportation, import and export, multimodal transportation, warehousing logistics, trailer, commodity inspection, insurance, cargo packaging and other services.

Shenzhen shunjiabang international freight agency co., LTD. Has many branches in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, central China and north China, which can operate the import and export cargo transportation from all over China to the whole world.

Shenzhen shunjiabang international freight agency co., ltd. is committed to international logistics services, tailored logistics solutions for enterprises, to provide a full range of logistics solutions in place. The company has been with a number of air carriers and shipping companies to maintain a good relationship of cooperation; In terms of air transport business, Eva (br), cathay Pacific (cx), hana (oz), China southern (cz), Air China (ca), shenzhen airlines (zh), Bangkok airlines (pg), German Lufthansa (lh), China airlines (ci), etc.; Shipping companies include maersk, yangming, evergreen, cosco, chinashipping, cma and MSC. As the agent of fedex, ups, DHL, - and ems, our company can provide door-to-door fast and convenient services, timely receiving goods, timely delivery, and tracking the goods on the Internet. Our company in line with the people-oriented business purposes, and strive to forge ahead, win-win cooperation, praised by many partners as an excellent freight forwarding enterprises, many customers have been widely praised and praised.

Shunjiabang enterprise spirit: integrity is the consistent principle of the company management, is the foundation of competitive development.

Dedication is the company's fine tradition of hard work, is the pursuit of perfect spiritual outlook.

Innovation is the soul of the company advancing with The Times, is the source of power to forge ahead.

Efficiency is the company to create value step ahead of the pursuit of excellence goals.

"Shunjiabang is committed to providing customers with a full range of freight services and customized logistics solutions; Our services are supported by a wide global network, professional teams and customer solutions. "We have a professional and dedicated team that can meet customers' personalized logistics needs locally and globally.

Shunjiabang - where the soul can fly, there is our service.

Air transport features:

1. Provide the whole transportation service of goods import and export by air from more than 400 cities in more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

2. Provide direct flights from airports in Chinese cities, with direct or transfer air services all over the world;

3. Provide truck flights and seamless land and air transfer services: direct flights from Hong Kong to cities in mainland China via shenzhen;

4. Provide customs clearance and delivery service for goods arriving at airports in Chinese cities, which can be extended to all parts of China.

Truck flight, seamless land and air transit:

We provide air transport service from Hong Kong to mainland China via shenzhen. We can fly directly to Hong Kong. Ping is beautiful. A single in the end, directly at the port of destination customs clearance; Low price, save 30%-50% transportation cost for customers.

Charter flight service:

Apply for charter flight service from air transport company, and deal with all ground connection service.

Door-to-door service:

With the advantage of agents all over the world, to provide customers with more than 400 agents worldwide door-to-door service. Deliver the goods to your location quickly and accurately.

Customs services:

To provide more than 100 agents for domestic ports of export goods declaration, customs, three inspection services.

Express service features:

1. Provide international express agency services for ups, DHL, fedex, fedex and other documents and general goods;

2. Provide DHL international express bulk agent special service, free pick-up nationwide;

3. Provide express import and export service of goods between Hong Kong and shenzhen;

4. Air express service for bulk cargo.海纳国际物流、长三角、珠三角等各大城市同步配送,每天都有。知名度高,价格好,服务好,坚持正清,一定要买保险,保证货物安全,赔偿损失,缅甸门到门,陆路运输双清全程服务,不让客户担心。你真的需要缅甸货运专家。欢迎咨询。




1. 昆明-瑞丽-仰光,缅甸陆路双清至城门线






7. 陆路双清至中国和缅甸各大城市(如拉徐、焦梅、梅梅、萨甲、曼德勒、米蒂拉、焦博洞、杨密顶、内比都、东旭、博谷、仰光、博胜、毛丹眠等)的门线。


9. 云南省各陆路运输口岸出口清关业务










积极进取 回报顾客

公司积极拓展华东和华南地区,与世界主要国家的代理商建立了深厚的合作关系,稳步建立了完整的物流网络。 在多年的发展历程中,为了满足国内外客户的需求,公司锐意进取,不断创新,逐步发展成为能够在各个层面满足客户需求的第三方物流企业。 公司始终坚持“诚信,务实,创新,共赢”的经营理念,坚持“以人为本,品牌经营,回报社会”的核心价值观,坚持“诚信为本”的经营理念。 努力成为一家优秀的国际物流公司代表。




  • 拼箱费RMB40/CBM
  • 报关费RMB320/SET
  • 文件费RMB300/BILL
  • 目的港提货费用
  • 反恐申报费



  1. 国外会有临时的CAF或BAF的收费
  2. 报关品名数量须与实际进仓货物一致
  3. 玻璃等易碎品等货物请提前告知
  4. 订美国/中南美洲港口需注明国家
  5. 货物外包装上必须有唛头


公司建立了一支资深的专家管理团队,具有扎实的物流理论和丰富的行业经验。可以为上下游客户提供物流供应链集成解决方案和高效运营服务。 在包装业务方面,我公司将根据客户要求进行熏蒸,拖拉,拍照,包装,在保证服务质量的前提下, 为客户提供最优惠,最快捷的服务。

公司为客户提供港前、港后物流代理服务,, 包括报关、报检、集装箱拖运及世界主要港口清关送货等。 公司拥有相关配合单位,能为客户做到“一站式”服务,免除客户进出口货物繁锁的工作负担。

承接危险品,化工产品,整柜,散货国际海运,同时批量货物整理服务,主要出口产品是油漆,油漆,油墨,粘合剂,树脂,颜料和染料,香精香料,化学添加剂,添加剂,香水,化妆品,电池,松香,清洁剂,汽车护理 产品,冷冻剂,日化产品,粉末,化工原料液体等化工产品散货整理,整箱集装箱运输。


公司实力雄厚,港口遍布全球,是珠三角地区强大的货运代理商。 运输价格低,每周航班稳定稳定,竞争非常激烈。 目前,海外代理商和海外代理商和分支机构在全球100多个国家的近500个港口城市拥有可靠的信誉和快速的沟通渠道,全面承担运输和杂费,三角贸易订单,目的港到门口运输服务。



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