Company directors and some shareholders after years of experience in the shipowner company dedicated to ship operation and broker business, with the development of the Marine market, they have accumulated rich experience and savings of excellent human resources. In order to provide customers with more efficient services and give themselves more development space and training opportunities, they set up haohai international shipping co., LTD. The backbone of the company starts from the basic level and operates many Marine businesses. Having experienced many Marine cases, they know very well that reputation can bring wealth to the company. At present our company take the good faith as the idea, take the good faith as the goal, take the good faith as the objective, certainly achieves the sincere treatment, lets the shipping circle many "the good faith" the word unit. The company operates a number of Marine business, including Marine domestic and foreign trade charter, ship operation, miscellaneous container agent business, and strive to provide customers with full service. Part of the company's shareholders are trading started, and many domestic and foreign consignee and shipper to establish a good relationship of cooperation. In recent years when the global market was stagnant, the company developed horizontally and developed its own shipping market. At present, the company management operation of the ship a total of 3, deadweight tonnage is 10000 DWT respectively, 4000 DWT, 6000 DWT, 10000 tons is multi-purpose ship, the rest of the two is a general cargo ship. The company is mainly engaged in east Asia and southeast Asia markets, involving the following countries and regions: east Russia, Japan, South Korea, China's coast, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, PNG, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, and India. In addition, our company also operates bulk cargo liner line, which mainly carries all kinds of bulk cargo from China, Japan and Korea to southeast Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean, east and west Africa. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to seek common development! Chartering bulk cargo transportation is the company's core business, the company's domestic trade and foreign trade business carried out comprehensively, is committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with "safe, efficient, economical and thoughtful" service. At present, the company through the process rent, voyage time rent, brokerage and other business to meet customer demand. The ships are mainly sailing to more than 40 countries and regions in China, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, west Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Domestic trade charter north - south line, short - range transport. We can supply suitable ships to direct shippers and agents, arrange cargo for shipowners or look for return cargo. Our company has enough sources of goods and ships, and has become a resource-sharing trading platform. At work, our long-term shippers and shipowners send their demands to our information department, which sorts out and classifies them, and then send them to the chartering operation department for contract negotiation. Our domestic trade now covers coal, coke, all kinds of steel and minerals, alkali, fertilizer, fuel oil, grain and other ton bags of groceries. The domestic trade vessels operated by our company range from 2000 tons to 40,000 tons. The internal trade department of our company is equipped with RFQ and goods finder, so as to provide the route price that the shipowner needs to know at any time, and the shipowner can provide the pallets with better efficiency when the shipowner is in urgent need of ordering. Our foreign trade routes mainly cover the far east, southeast Asia, the Middle East, the red sea, the Mediterranean, west Africa and so on. Far east route to Russia's coal, steel, scrap steel, cement, etc. We have long-term cooperation with coal consignees and shippers, and the monthly import volume is 30,000-40,000 tons. After long-term cooperation, our valuable experience makes us an independent broker of shippers. Later, in order to facilitate the needs of shippers and shipowners and through the company's efforts, we set up the ship operation department to cooperate with shippers as the second shipowner. Dongorient port, sea cucumber weigwa nino, kolsakov, holmsk port and so on are our frequent coal ports, our minimum operating capacity is 2000 tons,-56000 tons. At present, steel and scrap imports are basically fixed at about 10,000 tons per month. We have signed mutual aid agreements with a number of far east line shipowners in China, Russia and South Korea, etc. The main cargo of the japan-south Korea line is various kinds of bags of groceries, all kinds of metal steel, equipment, mining, plate, fertilizer, petroleum coke, etc., with the monthly import and export volume of 15,000-20,000 tons. Many of our Japanese and Korean shippers are indirectly expanding our business while expanding their business scope, such as the southeast Asia route. Southeast Asia route is our main route, we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience in this special shipping area. With the support of old Japanese and Korean customers and the exploration of our market personnel, we have gradually matured. From the previous 5,000-ton deadweight ship to the current 67,000 ton ship and panama-type ship, we have successfully completed the volume transition plan. Our southeast route mainly deals in coal, alumina, iron, nickel, manganese, chromium ore, iron oxide powder, cassava, steel, equipment, fertilizer, stone and so on. At present, our new goal is to complete the tasks given by customers more efficiently, and to develop our own brand in the specific market environment of the uncertain situation of South Asia cargo. The Middle East, west Africa and Mediterranean Sea routes are the three routes we are trying to develop and maintain. The goods involved are steel structure, major mechanical equipment, various types of engineering vehicles, various types of steel, hydropower station equipment, electric power equipment, construction engineering equipment, wind energy equipment, plate, cement, iron oxide powder. At present, we have regular bulk and miscellaneous ships with a deadweight of 25,000 to 55,000 tons. The ports of call are generally tianjin, Qingdao, lianyungang and Shanghai, and call on other ports by volume. For the bulk or continuous voyage charterers to provide appropriate, competitive prices of services, to achieve a win-win and multi-win goal. We are the agent of all kinds of bulk cargo import and export, responsible for the import and export of goods declaration procedures, handling arrangements for loading and unloading, transportation, booking shipping space, and to provide customers with port, ship, cargo dynamic information consulting services. The diversified services of container transportation agency and related businesses include container booking, transportation customs declaration, warehousing, container storage yard, container trading and other fields. Our container transport agent business has the competitive advantages of fast delivery, high efficiency and low cost, and has strong competitiveness in the port. The main advantage routes are Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia, Australia, Europe (Mediterranean), America, west Africa, Persian gulf and other domestic coastal internal trade routes and foreign trade branch. Welcome new and old customers call inquiry, booking space. The development of the company cannot do without the support of customers. Here, we sincerely thank the brothers who have given us great support for a long time. At the same time, we look forward to your continued cooperation, we will - efforts to give you a sincere return.
公司董事和部分股东经过多年在船东公司从事船舶经营和经纪业务的经验,随着海洋市场的发展,他们积累了丰富的经验和优秀的人力资源储备。为了给客户提供更高效的服务,给自己更多的发展空间和培训机会,他们成立了浩海国际航运有限公司。公司骨干从基层做起,经营多项海洋业务。他们经历过许多海难案件,深知声誉能为公司带来财富。目前我公司以诚信为理念,以诚信为目标,以诚信为目标,一定做到真诚相待,让航运界多家“诚信”字单位。公司经营多项海运业务,包括海运内外贸租船、船舶经营、杂项集装箱代理业务,并努力为客户提供全方位的服务。公司部分股东已开始交易,并与国内外多家收货人和托运人建立了良好的合作关系。近年来,在全球市场不景气的情况下,公司横向发展,发展了自己的航运市场。目前,公司经营的船舶共有3艘,载重吨位分别为10000吨、4000吨、6000吨,10000吨是多用途船舶,其余两艘是普通货船。公司主要经营东亚和东南亚市场,涉及以下国家和地区:俄罗斯东部、日本、韩国、中国沿海、台湾、越南、菲律宾、印度尼西亚、巴布亚新几内亚、新加坡、马来西亚、柬埔寨、老挝、孟加拉国、印度。此外,我公司还经营散货班轮航线,主要经营从中国、日本、韩国到东南亚、中东、地中海、东非、西非的各类散货。真诚欢迎各界朋友共谋发展!包租散货运输是公司的核心业务,公司全面开展内外贸业务,致力于为国内外客户提供“安全、高效、经济、周到”的服务。目前,公司通过过程租金、航次租金、经纪等业务来满足客户的需求。主要航行到中国、日本、韩国、东南亚、西亚、非洲等40多个国家和地区。内贸包机南北线,短途运输。我们可以提供合适的船舶给直接的托运人和代理人,为船东安排货物或寻找退货。我公司货源充足,船舶货源充足,已成为资源共享的交易平台。在工作中,我们的长期货主和船东将他们的需求发送到我们的信息部,信息部对他们进行分类整理,然后发送到租船经营部进行合同谈判。我们的国内贸易现已涵盖煤炭、焦炭、各种钢铁及矿产、碱、化肥、燃料油、粮食等一吨袋杂货。我公司经营的内贸船舶从2000吨到4万吨不等。我公司内贸部配备了RFQ和货物查找器,以便提供船东随时需要知道的航路价格,当船东急需订货时,船东可以提供效率更高的货盘。我们的对外贸易航线主要覆盖远东、东南亚、中东、红海、地中海、西非等地区。远东航线通往俄罗斯的煤炭、钢材、废钢、水泥等。长期与煤炭收发货商合作,月进口量3 -4万吨。经过长期的合作,我们宝贵的经验使我们成为独立的托运人经纪人。后来,为了方便托运人和船东的需要,通过公司的努力,我们成立了船舶经营部,作为第二船东与托运人合作。东东方港、海参威格瓦尼诺港、科尔萨科夫港、霍尔木斯克港等是我们频繁经营的煤炭港口,我们的最低经营能力为2000吨,-56000吨。目前,钢铁和废钢进口基本保持在每月1万吨左右。与中国、俄罗斯、韩国等多个远东航线船东签署了互助协议。日韩航线主要货物有各类杂货袋、各类五金钢材、设备、矿山、板材、化肥、石油焦等,月进出口货运量1.5 -2万吨。

积极进取 回报顾客

公司积极拓展华东和华南地区,与世界主要国家的代理商建立了深厚的合作关系,稳步建立了完整的物流网络。 在多年的发展历程中,为了满足国内外客户的需求,公司锐意进取,不断创新,逐步发展成为能够在各个层面满足客户需求的第三方物流企业。 公司始终坚持“诚信,务实,创新,共赢”的经营理念,坚持“以人为本,品牌经营,回报社会”的核心价值观,坚持“诚信为本”的经营理念。 努力成为一家优秀的国际物流公司代表。




  • 拼箱费RMB40/CBM
  • 报关费RMB320/SET
  • 文件费RMB300/BILL
  • 目的港提货费用
  • 反恐申报费



  1. 国外会有临时的CAF或BAF的收费
  2. 报关品名数量须与实际进仓货物一致
  3. 玻璃等易碎品等货物请提前告知
  4. 订美国/中南美洲港口需注明国家
  5. 货物外包装上必须有唛头


公司建立了一支资深的专家管理团队,具有扎实的物流理论和丰富的行业经验。可以为上下游客户提供物流供应链集成解决方案和高效运营服务。 在包装业务方面,我公司将根据客户要求进行熏蒸,拖拉,拍照,包装,在保证服务质量的前提下, 为客户提供最优惠,最快捷的服务。

公司为客户提供港前、港后物流代理服务,, 包括报关、报检、集装箱拖运及世界主要港口清关送货等。 公司拥有相关配合单位,能为客户做到“一站式”服务,免除客户进出口货物繁锁的工作负担。

承接危险品,化工产品,整柜,散货国际海运,同时批量货物整理服务,主要出口产品是油漆,油漆,油墨,粘合剂,树脂,颜料和染料,香精香料,化学添加剂,添加剂,香水,化妆品,电池,松香,清洁剂,汽车护理 产品,冷冻剂,日化产品,粉末,化工原料液体等化工产品散货整理,整箱集装箱运输。


公司实力雄厚,港口遍布全球,是珠三角地区强大的货运代理商。 运输价格低,每周航班稳定稳定,竞争非常激烈。 目前,海外代理商和海外代理商和分支机构在全球100多个国家的近500个港口城市拥有可靠的信誉和快速的沟通渠道,全面承担运输和杂费,三角贸易订单,目的港到门口运输服务。



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