We always put acting members at the center; To quality service for the purpose; Take the requirement of acting member as mission; Take the partner common profit as the goal. We treasure every consignment of agents, and faithfully deliver your express and goods to the destination quickly, accurately and safely.

Is decided to lead not only speed, but also continuously exceed the persistent attitude, pass will easily with professional quality, rapid response, strong sense of mission, by building a perfect integration of service, the international express special line service standard jumped again, let you and me hand in hand advance together, forward beyond, guide express railway industry upgrading transformation. The guaranteed air space, flexible customs clearance mode, green customs clearance channel and fast delivery service are the guarantee of your confidence, ready to accept the verification of the majority of agent members. It is 13 years old. From shenzhen to move in dongguan in 2015, the development of logistics market, dongguan, after many years of industry accumulation precipitation, is committed to international logistics, transportation by sea, land and other services in southeast Asia, the main logistics route: logistics lines in Vietnam, Cambodia logistics lines, logistics lines in Burma, Thailand special line of logistics line, Laos, Malaysia, Marine special line, the shipping line in Singapore, Taiwan shipping line, double tax clearance package, free storage, delivery to door "one-stop" work style service and so on. 1, all over the country can come to pick up the goods, or send logistics to the dongguan warehouse, the vehicle, bulk goods can be multi-channel international logistics line: sea, land, air, can provide you with cost-effective transport solutions, help you transport to the destination. 2. Door-to-door pick-up of tonnage trucks, container trailer loading, bulk carpool/LCL, space booking, packaging, warehousing, agent procurement, import and export declaration and clearance, bill clearance, commodity inspection, fumigation, customs clearance, and delivery to the door and other services. 3, one hand operation, the dongguan warehouse is 1000 ㎡, door to door delivery throughout the country, free storage, double the tax package, pay for customs clearance, the vehicle/less-than-one carload transport, fast direct Hanoi warehouse, delivery to door, all-the-way tracking, leave out all the red tape, save you a lot of unnecessary waste of time, is the gateway to the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) across to save money, save worry, convenient road transport channel. Headquartered in guangzhou, with subsidiaries in shenzhen. Is an international express company specialized in providing cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions. Our mission is to serve as a consultant for cross-border e-commerce business. We provide logistics solutions based on the analysis of customer development models and procurement needs. We now serve 500 e-commerce companies. Guangzhou dewei international freight co., LTD independently operates fba special line from the beginning to the end: Singapore, Malaysia, dubai, united Arab emirates, United States and Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and India. Express to the door agent: DHL, ems, ups, aramex, fedex world more than 200 countries transport lines. Air to airport agent: emirates, Turkish airlines, Malaysia airlines, China southern airlines and so on.

Business information company's core business: double clearance tax line. The current countries are:

Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos

South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (tax free)

Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Oman, uae, bahrain, Nigeria, Kuwait

Cis countries: Russia, belarus, Ukraine, kazakhstan

Australia and South Africa have their own perfect agent network, focusing on international freight transport, logistics services, air import and export, multimodal transport, warehousing logistics, trailer, commodity inspection, insurance, cargo packaging and other services. Tailor-made logistics solutions for enterprises, to provide a full range of logistics solutions in place.

The company has been with a number of airlines and shipping companies to maintain a good relationship of cooperation; In terms of air transport business, airlines such as evergreen (br), cathay Pacific (cx), asiana (oz), China southern (cz), Air China (ca), shenzhen airlines (zh), German Lufthansa (lh), China airlines (ci), emirates (ek), Ethiopian airlines (et), etc. In terms of shipping business, yml, wanhai, emc, sitc, cosco

Zhenbang international is committed to providing customers with a full range of freight services and customized logistics solutions; Our services are supported by a wide global network, professional teams and customer solutions. We have a professional and dedicated team that can meet the personalized logistics needs of customers in the local and global scope. Service route, ups, DHL, -, federal, American special line, the yantian Shanghai style, the clippers, 3 to 5 days to sign for Europe express line, empty pie of Europe, European style, Japanese special line, Japan Marine, Canada line, Canada by sea freight, service countries Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries. Shenzhen and guangzhou can receive goods at home free of charge

Four seasons of shenzhen international freight agency co., LTD. Is engaged in the export of cosmetics, liquid, powder, paint, ink, toner, imitation board, paint, glue, food, flavor, spices, spicy dry tofu, intermediates, medical apparatus and instruments, chemical additives, additives, coating glue, dye and so on all kinds of goods sensitive cargo international forwarding agent. Since its inception, has been committed to sensitive products freight forwarding services. And actively introduce all kinds of talents, improve the market service system, to provide customers with a variety of chemical import and export more safe, more convenient service. The company specializes in road, railway, air cargo transport and warehousing, distribution and other logistics business, the company has a group of experienced and high-quality logistics personnel, the company introduced the domestic advanced logistics software system, the use of efficient logistics technology operations, adhere to do safe, fast and satisfactory logistics services. According to the development of modern logistics development trend and company goals, the company to purchase a batch of international standard container vehicle quantity, combination - vehicles, vehicles, signing kong (cre) logistics co., LTD shenzhen loyal, traders, wholesalers, such as the owner for the factory to provide the vehicle, LCL, bulk transportation, express, moved the factory, such as bus calls a full range of logistics services. In the pearl river delta, foshan, nanhai, gaoming, shunde, sanshui, chancheng, zhaoqing, sihui, gaoyao, jiangmen, heshan, xinhui, kaiping, enping, guangzhou, panyu, zhongshan, dongguan, zengcheng, conghua. Can come to pick up goods, deliver goods to -- -- place我们总是以演员为中心;以优质服务为宗旨;以代理会员的要求为使命;以合伙人的共同利益为目标。我们珍惜每一批代理,忠实地将您的快递和货物快速、准确、安全地送达目的地。

不仅是领导决定的速度,但也不断超越持久的态度,通过与专业质量很容易,快速的响应,强烈的使命,通过构建一个完善的一体化服务,国际快递专线服务标准又跳,让你我携手共同前进,前进,指导表达铁路行业升级转型。保证的空间、灵活的通关方式、绿色的通关通道和快捷的送货服务是您信心的保证,随时接受广大代理会员的验货。它已经13岁了。2015年从深圳迁入东莞,发展物流市场,东莞经过多年的产业积累沉淀,致力于国际物流、海运、陆运等东南亚服务,主要物流路线:越南物流专线、柬埔寨物流专线、缅甸物流专线、泰国物流专线、老挝物流专线、马来西亚海运专线、新加坡海运专线、台湾海运专线、双清税包、免费仓储、送货上门的“一站式”工作作风服务等。1、全国各地均可上门提货,或将物流送到东莞仓库,整车、散货可多渠道国际物流线路:海、陆、空,可为您提供性价比高的运输解决方案,帮助您运输到目的地。2. 吨位货车门到门提货、集装箱拖车装车、散货拼车/拼箱、订舱、包装、仓储、代理采购、进出口报关清关、票据清关、商检、熏蒸、清关、送货上门等服务。3,一只手操作,东莞仓库是1000㎡,全国门到门交货,自由存储、双税方案,支付通关,车辆/零担运输、快速直接河内仓库,送货到门,全程跟踪,放下一切繁文缛节,节省很多不必要的浪费时间,是通往东南亚国家联盟(东盟)为了省钱,省心,方便道路运输通道。公司总部设在广州,在深圳设有分公司。是一家专业提供跨境电子商务物流解决方案的国际快递公司。我们的使命是为跨境电子商务业务提供咨询服务。我们提供基于客户开发模式和采购需求分析的物流解决方案。我们现在为500家电子商务公司提供服务。广州德威国际货运有限公司始终独立经营fba专线:新加坡、马来西亚、迪拜、阿联酋、美国和加拿大、欧洲、香港和台湾、中东、泰国、越南、日本和印度。快递上门代理:DHL、ems、ups、aramex、fedex全球200多条运输线路。航空到机场代理:阿联酋航空、土耳其航空、马来西亚航空、南航等。









积极进取 回报顾客

公司积极拓展华东和华南地区,与世界主要国家的代理商建立了深厚的合作关系,稳步建立了完整的物流网络。 在多年的发展历程中,为了满足国内外客户的需求,公司锐意进取,不断创新,逐步发展成为能够在各个层面满足客户需求的第三方物流企业。 公司始终坚持“诚信,务实,创新,共赢”的经营理念,坚持“以人为本,品牌经营,回报社会”的核心价值观,坚持“诚信为本”的经营理念。 努力成为一家优秀的国际物流公司代表。




  • 拼箱费RMB40/CBM
  • 报关费RMB320/SET
  • 文件费RMB300/BILL
  • 目的港提货费用
  • 反恐申报费



  1. 国外会有临时的CAF或BAF的收费
  2. 报关品名数量须与实际进仓货物一致
  3. 玻璃等易碎品等货物请提前告知
  4. 订美国/中南美洲港口需注明国家
  5. 货物外包装上必须有唛头


公司建立了一支资深的专家管理团队,具有扎实的物流理论和丰富的行业经验。可以为上下游客户提供物流供应链集成解决方案和高效运营服务。 在包装业务方面,我公司将根据客户要求进行熏蒸,拖拉,拍照,包装,在保证服务质量的前提下, 为客户提供最优惠,最快捷的服务。

公司为客户提供港前、港后物流代理服务,, 包括报关、报检、集装箱拖运及世界主要港口清关送货等。 公司拥有相关配合单位,能为客户做到“一站式”服务,免除客户进出口货物繁锁的工作负担。

承接危险品,化工产品,整柜,散货国际海运,同时批量货物整理服务,主要出口产品是油漆,油漆,油墨,粘合剂,树脂,颜料和染料,香精香料,化学添加剂,添加剂,香水,化妆品,电池,松香,清洁剂,汽车护理 产品,冷冻剂,日化产品,粉末,化工原料液体等化工产品散货整理,整箱集装箱运输。


公司实力雄厚,港口遍布全球,是珠三角地区强大的货运代理商。 运输价格低,每周航班稳定稳定,竞争非常激烈。 目前,海外代理商和海外代理商和分支机构在全球100多个国家的近500个港口城市拥有可靠的信誉和快速的沟通渠道,全面承担运输和杂费,三角贸易订单,目的港到门口运输服务。



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