Sucheng international freight base in guangzhou, Shanghai, to provide customers with high-end international shipping agent transport services,

Foreign customs clearance experience, timely, to ensure that customers timely collection of goods; Undertake shipping booking, bulk cargo warehousing, customs declaration and inspection agency, warehousing and packaging, etc., to provide customers with professional, cost-effective, strong experience, good benefits of high-end Marine bulk cargo shuangqing one-stop service (door to door service). The company specializes in international express, international special line logistics, international air transport, sea transport, customs clearance and other businesses.

International express, professional agents ups, fedex, DHL, - and other channels. The company has four express accounts, independent production, goods directly to the four express, the day of delivery, ensure the timeliness. If your goods to the time requirements of high, the four Courier is your choice.

In terms of international special line, we provide Europe and America special line, southeast Asia special line, Middle East special line, Japan and South Korea special line, America special line and Africa special line. For bulk cargo, we can save cost and provide high quality service for you.

International shipping, providing Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Africa shipping containers and shipping LCL import and export business.

International import, to provide Europe to Hong Kong, the United States to Hong Kong, the Middle East to Hong Kong services.

Company in 10 years of development, has accumulated a lot of skill channel resources and rich industry experience, can provide you with professional, comprehensive and reliable freight services the company advantage lines for lianyungang - ala shan kou/huoerguos - five central Asian countries (kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, turkmenistan, uzbekistan) railway trains, to ensure the safety of goods, accurate, timely to arrive at the destination. The company's business functions are complete, the implementation of modern management, and has a team of experienced, skilled business staff, can wholeheartedly provide safe and fast international freight service for the vast number of new and old customers! It is a cross-border supply chain service provider supplemented by services such as supply chain logistics, overseas warehousing and trade agency, and value-added services such as overseas company registration, tax number application and tax accounting. After many years to grow together with customers, we integrate the middle and lower reaches of the advantage of cross-border electricity resources can provide guests with cross-border business operations consulting, procurement distribution, packaging, labeling, international transportation, overseas customs tax delivery to the warehouse, storage and distribution, overseas companies registered, eu ein, tax agents, according to the body, such as electrical business supporting services for clients to realize localization of overseas management provides the strong guarantee, help "made in China" to achieve "global marketing" we as a professional of cross-border electronic business logistics service provider, not only in the Courier companies, airlines and shipping companies advantage can be calculated with the competitive rate and plenty of space, Perfect overseas service network is we were able to take off the wings, in Germany, Britain, the United States, Japan, France, South America and other countries and regions have a stable and high quality of agents, relying on perfect overseas service platform and the professional standard of the operating system can meet the electric business guests in the local and global diversification, personalization, a full range of cross-border electricity demand, we aim to grow together with customers and achieve win-win situation. We firmly believe that only high-quality talents can provide high level of service. Currently, ebi, international freight forwarders, has a group of high degree of professionalism, strong professional skills of high-quality team, with senior professional exploration of the cross-border electricity suppliers, always grasp the cross-border electricity frontier trend, with the advanced standard of logistics operating system, can according to the different needs of customers, customers in the shortest possible time to design the optimal logistics solution and can be smoothly put plan into practice. We are committed to reducing logistics cost, optimizing speed, increasing sales volume, and improving buyer experience for customers. Through professional logistics solutions, we enable customers to enhance competitiveness in the field of transnational e-commerce and create more benefits.

Facing the broad market prospect and development opportunities, through diversified value-added services improve the core competitiveness of enterprise products, optimize logistics chain to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, reduce business operating costs, found in the service and the profit of the unity of the two logistics enterprise and customer win-win combining site, to the good faith management, professional services to achieve customer recognition. The company relies on the rich industry experience, the advanced logistics management idea, the outstanding specialized team, the consummation domestic and foreign proxy network and the information system platform, provides the globalization logistics service for you! Based on China and facing the world, muchuan is determined to build a world-renowned logistics brand, better safeguard the rights and interests of customers in the wave of cross-border e-commerce, and provide more high-quality and modern logistics services. With strong logistics distribution facilities and professional, high-quality operation team, using advanced network operating system, to provide economic, fast and quality services. Jce international logistics provides a full range of air transport services and solutions, covering international transport, import and export agents, warehousing logistics and e-commerce.

Since its establishment, jce international logistics has applied advanced logistics management concepts, professional service system, excellent service quality, and guaranteed the safety and fast timeliness of the goods entrusted by customers. Jce international logistics has a complete international service network covering Europe, North America, South America, Australia, southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It has established a fast electronic management platform and expanded the direct air Courier business of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and the Middle East. Jce international logistics is committed to creating new services and processes for international transport, making international transport services simple and simple, and further reflecting the rapidity of international transport.

Jce international logistics, thanks to the support of our customers for many years, and the efforts of our staff, we have achieved excellent results in the international freight business; With the continuous expansion of business and the continuous improvement of service quality, we have won unanimous praise from customers and set up a good corporate image.

Jce international logistics with unremitting efforts, will maintain the famous position in the industry, and will set up a better corporate image, create a better corporate brand, dedication to provide you with a full range of services. I have been engaged in customs clearance agent and overseas storage service until 2015 when I established mainland China company in guangzhou baiyun. Two years in guangzhou panyu, shenzhen, Beijing, yiwu, hunan and other places set up branches. So our company went through a long period of trials and tribulations and finally completed further expansion and set up a new company国际货运基地位于上海广州,为客户提供高端国际船舶代理运输服务,








积极进取 回报顾客

公司积极拓展华东和华南地区,与世界主要国家的代理商建立了深厚的合作关系,稳步建立了完整的物流网络。 在多年的发展历程中,为了满足国内外客户的需求,公司锐意进取,不断创新,逐步发展成为能够在各个层面满足客户需求的第三方物流企业。 公司始终坚持“诚信,务实,创新,共赢”的经营理念,坚持“以人为本,品牌经营,回报社会”的核心价值观,坚持“诚信为本”的经营理念。 努力成为一家优秀的国际物流公司代表。




  • 拼箱费RMB40/CBM
  • 报关费RMB320/SET
  • 文件费RMB300/BILL
  • 目的港提货费用
  • 反恐申报费



  1. 国外会有临时的CAF或BAF的收费
  2. 报关品名数量须与实际进仓货物一致
  3. 玻璃等易碎品等货物请提前告知
  4. 订美国/中南美洲港口需注明国家
  5. 货物外包装上必须有唛头


公司建立了一支资深的专家管理团队,具有扎实的物流理论和丰富的行业经验。可以为上下游客户提供物流供应链集成解决方案和高效运营服务。 在包装业务方面,我公司将根据客户要求进行熏蒸,拖拉,拍照,包装,在保证服务质量的前提下, 为客户提供最优惠,最快捷的服务。

公司为客户提供港前、港后物流代理服务,, 包括报关、报检、集装箱拖运及世界主要港口清关送货等。 公司拥有相关配合单位,能为客户做到“一站式”服务,免除客户进出口货物繁锁的工作负担。

承接危险品,化工产品,整柜,散货国际海运,同时批量货物整理服务,主要出口产品是油漆,油漆,油墨,粘合剂,树脂,颜料和染料,香精香料,化学添加剂,添加剂,香水,化妆品,电池,松香,清洁剂,汽车护理 产品,冷冻剂,日化产品,粉末,化工原料液体等化工产品散货整理,整箱集装箱运输。


公司实力雄厚,港口遍布全球,是珠三角地区强大的货运代理商。 运输价格低,每周航班稳定稳定,竞争非常激烈。 目前,海外代理商和海外代理商和分支机构在全球100多个国家的近500个港口城市拥有可靠的信誉和快速的沟通渠道,全面承担运输和杂费,三角贸易订单,目的港到门口运输服务。



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